I photograph milestone moments in relationships and personal activities. Located in Northern Colorado, I have spent the last 5+ years photographing beautiful people in gorgeous locations. My love for photography blossomed as a freshman in high school when I joined The Claw Yearbook staff at Arvada West High School. After learning the basics of settings and camera equipment, I took it upon myself to learn how to take portraits, (my friends' senior photos made great practice)! From there, my passion has extended to couples and weddings, and I have loved every step of this journey!

Hi, I'm Taylor!

We'll make a good match if...

> You love love!

>You enjoy the simple things

> you can let loose and enjoy yourself

> you are just as passionate about this experience as I am!

Everyone needs someone, and my someone is Kenny! Kenny has been my biggest supporter from the very beginning of this little business of mine. Together, we've made a home in the Greeley area and taken in two pups, who make great companions! Our favorite things to do together are spending time with family, going to the race track, and attending little league and high school football games in Kenny's hometown.  (Fun fact: most of my headshots have been taken by Kenny, earning him the title of my Personal Photograher.)

My work

My love

Time with family


Country Concerts

My mission is to document milestone moments and unique memories for couples, seniors, and clients looking to showcase authentic events or specialized activities. I strive to embrace creativity to feature personality and character in my photographs.

My Mission